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New to ACRC?

This is a good place to start if you are new to ACRC. Hopefully, this set of documents will guide you to the information and tasks to get up up and running.

ACRC use version control (system) extensively, especially using git. A good primer on using git can be found on Chris Woods’ website, here:

We also use Python extensively for scripting and other related tasks (e.g. Ansible). Again a good primer on Python can be found on Chris Woods’ website, here:

Accessing the ACRC git repos and using git

We use git as our software versioning tool. A primer on git can be found here. We also use the centralised GitLab service. Please refer to GitLab’s own Get started with GitLab.

The ACRC project with all the repos are here: ACRC Git(Lab) Repositories.

You will need to get access to the ARCR GitLab projects and once added with modification permissions, you can clone the repos as such:

{.sourceCode .} git clone

Remember to generate your ssh keys and adding your public key to GitLab before cloning.

How to create and update and documentation

Please read the ACRC Documentation and the Structured Text primer. These two documents will get you up and running with Sphinx - ACRC’s documentation platform.