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changing the harddrive

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    We know that Humax are producing 1TB and 2TB versions of the FVP-4000T. Does anyone know if those of us wishing to upgrade our 500GB versions can replace the hard drive with larger sizes? This was not a problem with my old Foxsat-HDR and I assume would be ok here?

    | Thu 29 Oct 2015 12:15:08 #1 |
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    I clicked on ikrans message to see the replies as I have just bought a 500GB model and would like to upgrade to at least a 1GB, if not 2GB, But there are no replies showing. So can anyone tell me if you can or cannot upgrade a %00GB FVP 4000?
    Thanks Boyd (mactoshb)

    | Sun 11 Oct 2020 11:43:08 #2 |
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    I fitted a 2TB Seagate pipeline in a FVP-5000T You can find how to open the case in the faqs. The drive clips need opening a bit to accomodate the fatter drive. Dead simple even your recording schedule remains intact. you can copy your old recordings if you boot a PC into linux to the new drive if you get a sata to usb adaptor.

    | Sun 11 Oct 2020 12:03:22 #3 |
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    Martin Liddle

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    grahamlthompson - 33 mins ago  »


    Personally I wouldn't recommend that seller; the drives are probably "reconditioned". Some will be OK and some will fail in quite a short time. I would suggest a Seagate Skyhawk drive

    | Sun 11 Oct 2020 12:42:40 #4 |

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